Computer Fun in 2525

Several years ago an awful song called "In the Year 2525" rose to the top of the charts. Zager and Evans, who never made it quite as big as Slim Whitman, sang of a time when "your arms and legs have nothing to do--some machine's doin' that for you." Well, all we can say is, "Ha!"Using computers is only as sedentary as you want to make it. 

Now there are computer aerobics, programs to help you with your jogging regimen, and even an outrageous contraption that lets you play River Raid and exercise at the same time. Can the Walkman computer be far behind? You'll find all the latest in computer fitnessware in this month's issue. Spring is Oscar time as well, so we thought we should speak in terms of endearment about computer animation you can do on your home machine. There are lots of new programs out, many of them designed specifically for children, which allow you to create your own best short subjects for electronic media. 

For the Mr. deMille in all of us there's Movie Maker, and you can read about Criminal Case Hack for Android in our thorough workout this month.If the only thing preventing you from buying Computer Fun this instant is that you've forgotten where you put your wallet, we'll give you special permission to turn to Slipped Disks for the lowdown on the Einstein Memory Trainer. This program is invaluable to everyone except French Foreign Legionnaires who've gone to the Sahara "to forget". All this and more in Computer Fun, the magazine that tells you why 1984 will not be like 2525.Speaking of 1984 not being like 2525, Apple's ad campaign telling us that 1984 won't be like "1984" has received as much attention as the product the campaign was designed for, the Macintosh. The commercial everyone is talking about, of course, is the one that

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